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In all of my services, I offer a safe, judgment-free space to discuss any topic, and to reflect deeply on your life and challenges, without giving advice. Reflection is different from advice. Reflection challenges you to see yourself as a whole being on a journey while being supported and leaves you free to choose the next step .

Life Coaching

This approach is the primary reflection on your life’s journey. Are you headed in the right direction? What would you like to change, improve, or explore? Together we will look at the opportunities that are right here for the taking in whatever area you choose: education, new employment, new relationships, current relationships, health and wellness, etc.

Community Gardening
Bridge over Waterfall

Reflective & Spiritual Coaching

With this coaching type, we will explore your beliefs. Is this the way you thought life would be? What are your beliefs about the human being, vibrant nature, and the universe? Do these need a fresh look? What readings, practices, and traditions feed your soul? Together we will dive in to the assumptions we have about the meaning of life. We will look at your biography in light of what you came to earth to learn, do, and understand.

Care Coaching

Is there a family member or close friend for whom you have both deep affection and responsibility? Who is experiencing a time of illness or a time of despair? Being an advocate for another person is a difficult but essential and rewarding task. There are many “moving parts” when someone is in medical, spiritual, or psychological crisis. I have many years of experience handling these types of situations, both personally and professionally. I understand how a person in crisis can affect a couple, the whole family, and even the community. Everyone in the situation needs care and taking care of one’s self is primary. We will look at the situation from all sides and decide on a plan that is both nurturing and respectful, practical and future thinking.

Enjoying a Meal
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